Puerto Rican Culture in New York City

During the early 1960's, while photographing street life and tourist attractions for a book on NYC published for the European market, Don became intriqued by Puerto Rican immigrant life. Having made several close friends in the tight-knit community, Don went to social functions, sports games, and other gatherings documenting life in Spanish Harlem.  Following the success of his first book for London publisher, Spring Books, an editor at the American publisher, Little Brown, became interested in publishing his Puerto Rican series, but unfortunately left the company before the book reached production. Busy with his work at Columbia Records, Don didn't search for another publisher, but many of the photos were used for other purposes, most notably in an exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art's 1969 exhibit "Harlem on my MInd." These images document a part of the fabric of NYC culture and life that is a snapshot of this time.